About the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park

The Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park is a non-profit (501c3) membership organization for people who love the Hocking Hills and take special interest in improving Park features and preserving it for the enjoyment of future generations. Through fundraising and helping hands, the Friends work directly with the State Park staff to oversee a wide range of projects at the Park. Our Friends group is a member of the Friends for the Preservation of Ohio State Parks.

Our Mission

The Friends Mission Statement is “To foster a partnership between outdoor enthusiasts and Hocking Hills State Park that ensures a better place for nature education, while setting high conservation standards and raising a strong sense of responsibility for future generations.”

Our Goals

The goals of the Friends group are set high. The Friends have funded rope rescue safety equipment, playground equipment in the campground, a new archery range, and a butterfly habitat. These improvements have been made without state funds or fees to users, through the generosity of people just like you who love the area and have donated to the Friends of the Hocking Hills. Future goals include the construction of an impressive Astronomy Education Center to be built at the Hocking Hills State Park Lodge.

Since 2003, the Friends of Hocking Hills have donated over $365,000 in projects and funds to the Hocking Hills State Parks.

* Donated Park Safety Rope Rescue Safety Equipment
* Donated Playground Equipment in Old Man’s Cave Campground
* Donated a Gator (All terrain vehicle)
* Constructed a New Archery range
* Constructed a Wildlife Viewing Blind at Rose Lake
* Constructed a Butterfly Habitat and Gardens at Old Man’s Cave
* Constructed Raptor Cages
* Supported Naturalist Programs
* Supported Live Animal Care
* Funded a Study and Sponsored the Relocation of State Route 664 at Old Man’s Cave
* Funded the Printing of Campground Maps
* Funded Statewide Volunteers in Parks Annual Campout
* Funded a Feasibility Study for an Astronomy Education Center
* Funded Updates to the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center 

Your donation makes a difference!

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Board of Directors

Julieann EckelPresident
Grove City, OH

Eric Hoffman, Vice President
Logan, OH

Jeryy Jividen, Secretary
Chillicothe, OH

Greg Kidwell, Treasurer

Sugar Grove, Ohio 


Mark Hoffhines, Manager
Hocking Hills State Park
Logan, OH

Robin Donnelly, Program Manager
Hocking Hills State park
Logan, OH

Karen Raymore, Executive Director
Hocking Hills Tourism Association
Logan, OH

Jan Kaplar
Hocking Hills Trail Trolls
Logan, OH


Clyde Gosnell
Ashville, OH

Barb Jividen

Chillicothe, OH  

Adele Browne

South Bloomingville, OH

Matt Rapposelli
Athens, OH

Omie Warner
Ashville, OH

Todd Wyrick
Logan, OH

Neil Zizelman
Chillicothe, Ohio

Ken Browne

South Bloomingville, Oh

Randy Wellman

Creola, OH

Steve Rine

Logan, OH

Barb Savings

Logan, OH 

The Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park has opportunities for members to get involved in the leadership and planning committees. The following committees are available:

  • Membership
  • Member Events
  • Public Awareness
  • Fund Raising
  • Astronomy Education Center
  • Poker Runs
  • Shoot the Hills

If you are interested in one of the above committees or serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the Volunteer Form or contact Julieann Burroughs, President at president@friendsofhockinghills.org or (877) 403-4477.


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